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Promoting a Wealth Management Firm with Inbound Marketing

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Catering to high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) — with the average client having liquid assets of $5 million or more — wealth management firm Waldron Private Wealth has a relatively small pool of potential prospects. Because of the typical client’s circumstances, the sales cycle tends to be longer than most financial service companies, but the addition of even just one new client provides a significant amount of revenue. In 2020, Waldron engaged WordWrite’s inbound marketing capabilities to help funnel more qualified leads into the firm’s sales cycle.


This required heightening the firm’s profile in both the Pittsburgh region and beyond, identifying leads that fit Waldron’s core clientele, driving contacts to appropriate owned content and measuring campaign results.

After reviewing the firm’s core messaging and collaborating to generate content ideas, we built a landing page based on CEO John Waldron’s new book, which relates to the entrepreneurial journey of business owners — a group fitting the profile of Waldron’s core client profile. We worked with an outside vendor to produce a video and created a survey to fill out the landing page. We then executed a digital marketing campaign of paid search, display advertising and organic social media to drive the target audience to the landing page.


Launching in July 2020, the landing page accounted for nearly 6,000 page views and drove 3,334 new users to Waldron’s website. The majority of the page views were driven by the digital ads. By the end of October, we had helped drive 13 sales qualified leads to the firm’s sales cycle, with Waldron securing two new HNWI clients.

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