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    Dan Stefano


    As an agency of storytellers, content creation is part of WordWrite's DNA — and the same can be said about Dan. Our Director of Content helps clients to determine the proper mix of content to best share their stories, strategize on the right messaging, and identify the best audiences. Along with leading staff in content creation efforts (and doing a hefty amount of writing on his own), he is a leader in our StoryCrafting process.

    Prior to joining WordWrite in 2018, Dan was a self-proclaimed “newshound,” working a number of jobs in journalism. His foray into the news business began in tiny press boxes around Western Pennsylvania while covering high school sports and grew from there. Thousands of deadlines later, he joined the national digital news desk with a major broadcasting company, where he was responsible for churning out breaking news stories, videos and viral content. Through it all, he learned what makes a good story and how to tell it (hint: never forget to ask "Why?")

    Dan’s a proud 2008 graduate of West Virginia University. He’s still trying to puzzle why his journalism degree is considered a science since he hasn’t touched a Bunsen burner since high school.

    When he's not putting pen to paper (or finger to key), Dan helps his (very patient) wife raise a beautiful (and very active) toddler. In his spare time, he’s an avid movie watcher, book reader (history and pure escapist fare are his favorites), traveler and lover of food, often checking out the newest restaurants around the city.


    • 1.One of Dan’s favorite snacks is peanut butter with carrots. He’s been relentlessly mocked by his peers, but he stands by his love and refuses to change his ways.
    • 2.He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Game of Thrones (having read the books WAY before the show premiered) and he’s become a valuable resource for all things Westeros. Ditto for James Bond movies.
    • 3.He’s worn both World Series and Super Bowl championships rings and debated running off with the latter before re-thinking his chances of escaping an angry NFL wide receiver.

    Never be boring.

    – Anonymous (but Dan would gladly take credit)


    Writing copy and creating content

    Conducting research for assets and strategy

    Pitching to media and influencers

    Thinking up jokes for inter-office meetings