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Maybe you’re looking to grow your team’s skills or prepare for a potential crisis. Whatever it is, we’re here to help with our Chapter Series training sessions.

Crisis Training

Media Training

Social Media for Prospecting

Google Analytics Training

Acts of man, acts of God... It's all about how you react.

Not every story is a good one. If and when a crisis strikes, you don't want to be caught off-guard. We'll help you and your team learn how to develop key messaging and share interview techniques, followed by optional, one-on-one practice sessions.

Participants will come away with:

  • A complete review of company key messaging to be leveraged in a crisis
  • Simple, tried-and-true techniques for interacting with the media during a crisis
  • An overview of how to plan for a crisis
  • A look at how social media is a tool and a liability in a crisis
  • An understanding of how a crisis and an issue differ
  • A review of what to do when a crisis hits
  • OPTIONAL: One-on-one coaching for a specific crisis incident

Perfect for:

  • Executive team members
  • Mid-level staffers
  • Communications professionals

52 Commonly Asked Questions During a Crisis Interview

The best kind of crisis is a pretend one – low pressure, and they prepare you for the real thing. Download this mock scenario and practice with your team. (Note to whoever plays the reporter: Go easy on 'em.)

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Are you ready to 'go live?'

Lights, camera … are you ready? Most people aren’t a natural in front of the camera. Our media training session teaches the best interview and presentation techniques to prepare your staff for when the spotlight is on. It includes an in-depth training session with our team of experts and an optional live practice with specific scenarios for TV interviews, radio interviews, talk shows and more.

Participants will come away with:

  • A complete review of company key messaging to be leveraged in an interview
  • Simple, tried-and-true techniques for interacting with the media
  • Specific tips based on types of interview settings – print, TV, radio, etc.
  • Techniques for working with the media and answering difficult media questions
  • OPTIONAL: One-on-one coaching to practice skills learned on the spot

Perfect for:

  • Executive team members
  • Mid-level staffers
  • Communications professionals

Are you a media pro? Find out with our survey.

Each media interview is about the three C's: confidence, command and control. These 10 true-false questions will tell you if you've mastered those attributes.

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Leveraging what you don't know about social media.

Almost everyone uses social media daily, but using it for business purposes is different than sharing a selfie in your personal time. Our training session includes a crash course in social media for prospecting, with a specific focus on LinkedIn's most powerful features.

Participants will come away with:

  • An introduction to using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a business professional
  • Specific examples of power users
  • A deep-dive look at LinkedIn for prospecting purposes, including several tricks you never knew existed
  • Individualized takeaways that can be implemented immediately 

Perfect for:

  • Sales professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Junior and mid-level staffers

5 LinkedIn profile hacks you never knew existed

Did you know you can create a LinkedIn badge for your website? Or download all your connections with one quick click. Learn how to do all this and more by clicking below. 

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Is Your Website Working For You

Google Analytics is a foundational tool to track, analyze and report on your website’s performance. Used correctly, the service reveals trends and offers insights that can greatly improve your online presence, helping prospects find you easily. Our training course introduces the tool and explains why it’s a key piece of your digital strategy.

Participants will come away with:

  • A rounded understanding of the tool and its capabilities
  • The skills to create relevant reports on site visits, user behavior and acquisition
  • Techniques and best practices to improve web performance by using the service's data
  • Documentation covering our strategic guidance and recommendations for using the tool on an ongoing basis

Perfect for:

  • Communications professionals
  • Web team members
  • Juniors and mid-level staffers

Virtually based, user friendly

We hear you. Now isn't the time to be crowding into a busy lecture hall. That's why we've moved our trainings online. Whether it's a 20-person group or a one-on-one session, we've got you covered.

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Uncomfortable in front of the camera? Unsure about your LinkedIn skills? We'll get you on your feet and swimming like a pro in no time.


Not only do our trainings build skill, but they also prepare participants for nearly any communications challenge. 


Our one-on-one sessions use real-life scenarios and examples to give participants a taste of the real thing – without the risk.

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WordWrite’s social media training enabled us to better understand the importance of using social media to share our expertise with the entire higher education industry, and not just our clients. The strategy they helped us implement across an array of platforms has solidified our reputation as a thought leader in the industry, leading to numerous opportunities to participate in webinars or speak at conferences, and increased business opportunities for us.
– Dave McClintock, CPA, Managing Director, McClintock & Associates, P.C.


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