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Director of Inbound & Digital Marketing

The digital space is no longer the future of marketing — it’s the present. That’s where Adam comes in. Using a combination of analytical and creative tactics, he oversees paid and organic digital advertising for our clients and manages our own marketing efforts.

In a decade of agency experience — working with hundreds of businesses in varying industries, such as health care, wealth management, auto dealers and law — Adam has held multiple positions, including Digital Specialist, Client Services Manager, Digital Trainer and, now, WordWrite’s Director of Digital and Inbound Marketing.

Adam attended Eastern Kentucky University, where he graduated with a degree in public relations, with an emphasis on creative PR. He thinks “graduated” is a subjective term, as he loves to go back and pretend he never left, visiting campus often and spending time with his Sigma Chi fraternity brothers.

When he isn’t glued to his desk, Adam likes golfing, bowling, and playing poker. In his eyes, each one is just as frustrating as the other, but also offer so much fun to play. Based in Dayton, Ohio, he is also an avid traveler and moviegoer (watcher).


  1. A huge fan of the “Scream” movie franchise, Adam loves the flicks themselves, books about them, and even has a bowling ball with Ghostface on it.
  2. Adam is not able to curl his tongue, despite it being genetic and the rest of his family having the ability, but he can whistle in three different ways.
  3. Has a collection of over 80 hats, which he tries to rotate into his wardrobe evenly, but often goes to the same four or five.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde


Overseeing paid and organic digital campaigns
Managing WordWrite's marketing efforts
Providing digital marketing insights and recommendations
Spending time with his fraternity brothers
Golfing, bowling, and playing poker