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    Paul Furiga


    Paul learned storytelling by writing and editing more than 20,000 stories during two decades as a journalist before going into public relations. At WordWrite, he ponders the question: Why should someone consider hiring us, working with us or partnering with us? The answers to those questions help him chart the next chapter in WordWrite’s evolving Capital S Story. He's quite literally written the book on that topic, Finding Your Capital S Story, Why your Story Drives your Brand.

    The career path that Paul traveled to PR is a story in itself. He’s been a racetrack photographer, theater usher, investigative journalist, wannabe musician, classical radio host, broadcast journalist, White House correspondent and editor.

    Paul spent several years at the global agency Ketchum Public Relations, where his clients included Alcoa, Bridgestone/Firestone and Rutgers University. When he founded WordWrite in 2002, Paul's experience in journalism and PR convinced him there was a better way to deliver results — through storytelling.

    He first learned to tell stories at Miami University of Ohio — NOT the Miami in Florida. This one is much older and there are no palm trees on campus. Paul’s degree says B.S. in mass communications — and he admits, he can B.S. with the best of ‘em!

    At WordWrite, Paul takes his role as teacher and mentor seriously, working to encourage, inspire and support our team and the many fine young people he meets in our profession and community. He’s active in his church and with several non-profits as a volunteer or board member. In his words, “while not a saint in real life, I did have a stint where I portrayed our parish’s patron saint for a few years.”

    When not working on or in the agency, you can find Paul outdoors with his yellow Labrador retriever mix, Roxy, or out playing or listening to music. Paul plays multiple instruments and at one point a few years ago, was in three different bands at the same time: country, classic rock and R&B. These days, his focus is on The Altered Egos, which performs and tours regionally.


    • 1.While working on a presidential campaign some years ago, Paul accidentally sent a rejection letter to the famous writer, Norman Mailer. He had to call to apologize!
    • 2.He is a classically trained tubist, and if you dare him, he’ll pull out his 1968 CC Cerveny tuba and toot a few bars for you (something deep and Wagnerian, probably).
    • 3.As a journalist, Paul interviewed lots of famous people, from Bill Clinton to Shirley Temple Black. But Alice Cooper, one of his first “celebrity” interviews, might be his favorite.

    Why does your story drive your brand? Because before you had a brand, you had a story.

    – Paul Furiga, President & CEO of WordWrite


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