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Storylines Live

Conversations with business leaders about uncovering, developing and sharing their Capital S Story.

    Everyone has a story...

    The most important story any business can share is its Capital S Story, the authentic narrative that answers these fundamental questions: Why someone should buy from, work for, invest in or partner with that business.

    In each Storylines Live episode, host Paul Furiga breaks down business storytelling and interviews business leaders and marketing experts about their own Capital S Stories. 

    This is the podcast for you if you’re just beginning to market your organization, if your messages aren’t connecting with those audiences you most want to reach — or if you just love a good business story. You can start listening on the Marketing Podcast Network by clicking here!

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    Storylines Live Host Paul Furiga

    About our host

    Paul Furiga is a career storyteller. From Cincinnati’s City Hall to the White House press room (all while carrying a notebook and eventually an editor’s red pen) over a two-decade life in journalism, through building a successful marketing agency in the next two decades, stories are always at the heart of his work. He’s the founder and Chief Storyteller at WordWrite. 

    Our Episodes

    Episode 1: Storytelling, Influence Marketing and the Pittsburgh Pirates with Jason Falls

    Jason Falls is a leading digital strategist, author, speaker and thinker in the digital and social media marketing industry. He also founded and serves as executive producer of the Marketing Podcast Network. In this episode of Storylines Live, we spoke with Jason about the importance of harnessing your story, influence marketing, and the best ways to drive action from your strategy.

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    Episode 2: Reaching Your Target Audience, Podcasting and the Super Bowl with Christoph Trappe

    Christoph Trappe is an author, content strategist, and host of the Business Storytelling Show Podcast. He is also the director of content strategy at Growgetter, a growth marketing firm that drives growth for businesses in the data, insights, and analytics sectors. In this episode of Storylines Live, we spoke with Christoph about reaching the right audiences through targeted storytelling, engagement, and making connections.

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    Episode 3: Business Development for Lawyers – The Power of Connections and Storytelling with Steve Fretzin

    Steve Fretzin is an author, podcast host, and “business development therapist.” He coaches and trains lawyers in the most modern-day business development skills, providing precise tips, fresh ideas and actionable tasks that drive tangible results. In this episode, we talk with Steve about the importance of connections, storytelling, and differentiation in a competitive landscape.

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    Episode 4: Love, Care, and Respect – The Keys to an Effective Sales Approach with Connie Whitman

    Connie Whitman, MBA, is an author, podcast host, and CEO of Changing the Sales Game. She focuses on a unique approach that has led her to years of success in sales, emphasizing love, care, and respect as the critical foundation to any mutually profitable business relationship. In this episode of Storylines Live, we speak with Connie about her experiences and dive into the power of building genuine relationships when selling to clients.

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    Episode 5: The Power of People – Exploring the Impact of Human Capital in Business Valuation with Dave Bookbinder

    Dave Bookbinder is on a mission to change the conversation about how the accounting world recognizes the value of people’s contributions to a business enterprise, and to validate what every CEO on the planet claims: “Our people are this company’s most valuable asset.” Working closely with business owners, CFOs, Controllers, and CEOs, Dave strives to build relationships that add value for the long term. He also serves as the host of the internet TV show and podcast called Behind The Numbers– the show that digs a little deeper to understand what matters most in business.

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    Episode 6: Understanding Client Stories – Developing Custom Solutions for Business Growth with Diane Helbig

    Diane Helbig is an internationally recognized business and leadership development advisor, author, award-winning speaker, workshop facilitator, and podcast host. Diane works with her clients to create, implement, and monitor individualized strategies that result in better communication and increased performance. In this episode of Storylines Live, we speak with Diane about the importance of understanding your clients’ stories to create custom solutions and achieve optimal business growth.

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    Episode 7: The Art of Uncovering Unique Stories in PR with Jody Fisher

    Jody Fisher has worked in New York City PR for more than 20 years, representing clients in healthcare, higher education, financial services, real estate, entertainment and nonprofits. Jody started his own PR agency just this year, after building a PR practice for a local marketing company that went from zero to high six figures in just a few years. He also hosts The PR Podcast, which interviews people who play a role in how news gets made. Jody also offers tips and insights on his social media channels for experienced and novice PR pros.

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    Episode 8: The Power of Stories – Using Connections and Collaboration for Business Growth with Susan Finch

    In this episode of Storylines Live, Paul speaks with Susan Finch about the power of storytelling in business. With over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, Susan is passionate about creating and implementing data-driven strategies that help her clients grow their reputation, reach, and authority. As president and owner of Funnel Media Group, she leads a team of experts in producing podcasts, videos, and voiceovers for B2B clients across various sectors. In this episode, Paul and Susan dive into the unexpected benefits of podcasting and highlight the value of storytelling in connecting with others. Tune in to learn more!

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    Episode 9: Building Your Practice – How Effective Marketing Strategies Can Help Lawyers Grow Their Firms with Ken Hardison

    Ken Hardison has fought for people’s rights as a trusted personal injury lawyer for over 35 years. His ethics, integrity, and passion for his clients helped to build one of North Carolina’s most successful firms, Hardison & Cochran, and a successful Social Security disability firm, Carolina Disability Lawyers, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Now, as owner and publisher of the law firm management website, Law Practice Advisor, and founder and president of PILMMA, Ken devotes his time to helping attorneys build their own law practices with proven marketing strategies. Ken has also authored 5 books on marketing and managing law firms. In this episode of Storylines Live, Paul and Ken discuss Ken’s journey as an attorney and marketing expert and the mistakes to avoid when growing your law practice.

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