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Asking the Right Storytelling Questions (Answers Might Be the Easy Part)

Journalism is part of WordWrite’s foundation. We seek to be honest brokers of information for our clients and their audiences. We aim to be engaging and entertaining storytellers. Heck, even a few of us started our careers in newsrooms.

And like good journalists, we strive to ask the right questions as we uncover the untold and authentic business stories of our clients. But what are the right questions? Sometimes those might be harder to identify than the answers.

When trying to think of your organization’s story, these are a few questions to get you started:

1. What makes my organization a “hero” to consumers/clients?

Think of this as a different way to ask what differentiates your organization. We all want to be the hero of our own story — and many of us out there already are — but this question is about more than ego. When someone is purchasing your product or service, think of why they’re grateful to have chosen your organization.

2. What am I passionate about?

Think back to why you got into business in the first place or ponder what keeps you coming back each day. Your personal story and characteristics play a part in your organization’s broader story, building on its culture and brand identity.

3. Would you buy what you’re selling if you were the buyer instead of the seller?

That’s a seemingly deceptive question, but it’s an important one: Try a little role reversal and put yourself in the headspace of an ideal prospect. This is really about the way you’re trying to sell what you do. Don’t like what you see from yourself when you look at things from the buyer's perspective? Maybe you’re sharing the wrong story. Or maybe it just needs some tweaks.

4. Why?

If you've visited our blog (and we’re sure you have), then you’ve probably seen our definition of a Capital S Story. It’s the authentic business story that answers “why” — why someone would buy from you, work for you, invest in you or partner with you. That answer is easily the most valuable marketing tool you own because it’s unique to you.

Do you have more storytelling questions? Check out my book "Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand" or reach out to WordWrite today.

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