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How Communications Training Impacts Your Bottom Line

Professional Development


Now more than ever, the value of sharing, protecting and amplifying your organization’s authentic story is critical.

Take a hard look at your team and objectively assess where it stacks up in terms of articulating what we describe as your Capital S Story -  why someone should hire you, partner with you, work for you or invest in you.

At WordWrite, we offer three types of training to provide executives, marketing communication professionals and sales and recruitment teams with the techniques, tools and confidence they need to more clearly identify, develop and share their key messages and value proposition. COVID-19 will continue to impact the way your team works in deep and profound ways.

As a result of those seismic changes, we have designed our virtual Chapter Series trainings to be available anywhere, anytime.

Why Media Training?

Whether you’re new to interviewing with the media or looking to sharpen your skills, our media training teaches spokespeople how to effectively share key messages, no matter the reporter’s question. Learn how to be a confident, credible and trustworthy representative when you’re speaking on behalf of your company in your next interview.  

In our media trainings, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop messaging that you and your audience will remember
  • Techniques for sticking to your message, no matter the question asked (without sounding like a robot, of course)
  • Important reminders for print, TV and radio interviews

Here are some tips we share in media training:

Why Crisis Training?

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that crises can strike at any moment, and it takes a team to calmly assess, respond and monitor a situation under pressure. In crisis trainings, we break down each phase of a crisis, how to develop messaging and how to effectively share your story with the media and general public.

What makes our trainings different? You’ll get hands-on experience practicing

what you learn in the same training. All of our sessions incorporate customized scenarios your team wants to review, whether it’s an impending crisis or future crisis. Because we’ve worked on so many crises and some of our team members are former journalists, we know common questions reporters will ask and can help your team prepare responses and practice delivery in a safe space.

What you’ll learn:

  • Crisis planning before, during and after a crisis hits
  • Techniques for answering difficult media interview questions
  • The role of social media in a crisis

Learn more about our unique approach for managing a crisis:

Why Social Media for Prospecting Training?

Your company may be new or unfamiliar with how to best utilize social media, or you’re looking to optimize your social media pages and engage your employees. In our social media training, we share tips for setting up social media pages and best practices for using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool.

Whether you’re in sales, recruitment or looking to establish your company leaders and employees as thought leaders and ambassadors, our training will review:

  • LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Break down of what a power user profile looks like
  • How to properly use LinkedIn as a sales tool

Looking for social media best practices? Check out these blog posts:

Why WordWrite?

You may be wondering why our agency is the best partner for these trainings.

It all comes down to storytelling.

WordWrite even has a copyrighted process guaranteed to help organizations identify their ideal Capital S Story called StoryCrafting. That aspect of our core values and foundational beliefs extends to our trainings, as we assist you in crafting compelling and memorable messaging that conveys your own authentic story.

Here’s why we believe story trumps your brand:

WordWrite can ensure you reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time. These trainings will help organizations write the first chapter in a great untold story – their own.

Interested in signing up for one of our Chapter Series training sessions?

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