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New book by WordWrite chief storyteller answers why someone should buy from you, work for you, invest in you or partner with you

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PITTSBURGH (December 2, 2020)Paul Furiga believes in the power of stories to move hearts and change minds so much, he wrote the book on it.

The WordWrite president and chief storyteller has written “Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand,” which takes readers on a captivating journey into the art of storytelling to demonstrate that an organization’s authentic story is its best marketing asset.

Incorporating scientific studies, expert findings and historical anecdotes, the book shows how stories are central to the human experience and identifies a new concept, the Capital S Story, the story above all others, that answers why someone would buy from, work for, invest in or partner with an organization.

“Even before we had written language, we shared stories. Now, thanks to MRIs and other scientific tools, we can prove the power of storytelling,” Furiga said. “Too often, businesses neglect their stories. There’s far more to a brand than a flashy logo or catchy tagline. Consumers respond best to businesses that share their authentic story. My hope is that this book helps business leaders unlock their Capital S Story, delivering the best marketing results.”

Furiga founded his strategic public relations, digital and inbound marketing agency in 2002, and has his own tale as a storyteller. He spent two decades as a journalist, including covering the White House and serving as editor of the Pittsburgh Business Times, before entering PR. Under his leadership, WordWrite has become a nationally ranked agency and has developed a trademarked process for uncovering stories — StoryCrafting®.

“This book is the product of years of storytelling experience and the next chapter in WordWrite’s story,” Furiga said. “The hard work of our staff over two decades made ‘Finding Your Capital S Story’ possible. Since day one, WordWrite has been uncovering, developing and sharing our clients’ stories, and that deep well of success is a key contributor to this book.”

“Finding Your Capital S Story” is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.


WordWrite is an award-winning strategic public relations, digital and inbound marketing agency. The Pittsburgh-based agency helps companies uncover, develop and share their Capital S Story, the most important marketing tool companies have, to reveal why someone would do business with them, partner with them or work for them. For more than 18 years, WordWrite has advised health care, manufacturing, nonprofit and professional services businesses, including Fortune 100 companies, with services from crisis communications to product launches.


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