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Storylines Live Episode 6: Custom Solutions for Business Growth with Diane Helbig

WordWrite is back with another exciting episode of Storylines Live, where we chat with Diane Helbig, an accomplished business and leadership development advisor, author, speaker and podcast host. In her conversation with Paul, Diane shared great insights into her journey to helping organizations operate more productively and profitably, and the strategies she employs to help businesses unleash their true potential. 

The power of honesty and possibility 

Diane's unique approach to helping her clients lies in her ability to be simultaneously honest and supportive. She describes herself as a "pragmatic possibilities thinker," combining the power of reality with the potential for growth. By being candid and transparent, Diane creates a safe space for her clients to identify their challenges and discover new solutions. This approach resonates with individuals seeking holistic and authentic guidance, leading to remarkable results. 

Recognizing the struggles of small business owners 

Diane's decision to step into the realm of business consulting was fueled by her desire to alleviate the struggles faced by small business owners. Having always been involved in small business, with her father being a small business owner himself, Diane witnessed firsthand the frustration and obstacles that often hinder business growth. Armed with a wealth of experience in sales and small business marketing, she made it her mission to empower small businesses and help them overcome their challenges. 

Stories that connect and inspire 

Stories play a vital role in Diane's work. By sharing her personal experiences and witnessing the struggles other small business owners face, Diane connects with her clients on a deeper level. Her story resonates with others, inspiring confidence and trust in her ability to guide and support them. Diane's journey and her ability to empathize with her clients' challenges makes her counsel all the more impactful. 

The turning point 

The tragic passing of Diane's father was a turning point that spurred her to pursue a deeper purpose. She recognized the need for greater personal impact in her professional life, which led her to business consulting. Reinventing herself was not without its challenges, especially with two young children. Yet, Diane's resolution and belief in her abilities enabled her to navigate these hurdles with confidence.  

Unlocking business potential 

The combination of Diane's personal experiences, her expertise in leadership development, and her passion for helping others has created a unique formula for success. Through tailored engagements with clients, Diane identifies their specific needs, whether they be implementing systems, empowering staff, or adjusting their mindset. By creating a supportive environment that fosters growth, Diane enables businesses to achieve remarkable results. 

Click this link to listen to episode 6 of Storylines Live and visit Diane’s website to learn more about her approach to business and leadership coaching.

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