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Storylines Live Episode 7: Positive Storytelling and Finding the Right Fit with Jody Fisher

Experienced PR professional and former radio journalist Jody Fisher joins Paul in episode 7 of Storylines Live to discuss the impact of positive storytelling in PR and building quality client relationships. With more than 20 years representing clients in various industry sectors, Jody brings a wealth of actionable, firsthand knowledge to listeners looking to improve their approach to helping businesses share their stories. 

Understanding the ins and outs of each client  

Early in their conversation, Jody and Paul discuss the significance of understanding the key leaders in an organization, and how their actions and roles drive its success and value. Jody highlights the importance of aligning these actions with the organization's mission, demonstrating the positive impact they have on improving the lives of employees, clients and communities.  

The power of positive stories 

One of the resounding themes in this conversation is Jody's belief that, despite popular opinion, positive storytelling PR is more appealing to reporters than crises or negative events. By focusing on inspiring and impactful stories, Jody has successfully shone a light on great work done by nonprofits, including Helen Keller Services and Ronald McDonald House.  

Central Park and The High Line 

Listeners get a glimpse into Jody’s unique career experiences when he shares the inspiring story about the creation of two iconic parks in New York City: Central Park and The High Line. As a PR professional representing the nonprofit group that rehabilitated the elevated rail line on the west side of Manhattan, Jody was involved in the High Line project from its conception and always believed the park would be written about in history books someday. Around five years after the first High Line section was opened, the park gained attention from the media and started receiving recognition. 

The value of compatibility 

Jody emphasizes the importance of working with the right people and recognizing when compatibility is lacking. Whether it's client work or pitching for business, he has learned that blindly chasing clients without considering compatibility can have negative consequences on mental health, values, and the quality of work done.  

Jody believes that every act is an investment, including relationships, friendships and partnerships. Whether it's hiring the right individual or finding clients with whom you get along well, investing time and energy in the right relationships is crucial for success. 

Tying it all together  

Paul and Jody’s insights into building successful relationships, understanding the importance of PR and journalism for telling positive, relatable stories, and valuing an organization's story provide helpful takeaways for professionals in any industry.  

Listen to the full episode of Storylines Live here, or wherever you get your podcasts.  

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