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Professional Storytelling and Strategic Communication Perspective Blogs : crisis planning

Crisis Management & WordWrite’s 5 Core Philosophies

Most organizations try to avoid crises. We run toward them.

The COVID-19 crisis needs planning, not partisanship or platitudes

The hope as the initial wave of COVID-19 spread across America in March was for the curve to...

Your Crisis Plan Checklist For A 'Sunny Day'

Most crises are predictable.

Crisis Response Phase Three: Sharing your story when the coronavirus crisis is over

It may be hard to imagine now, but some day the hashtags #COVID-19 and #coronavirus will describe...

What businesses should be doing during the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis

In just a matter of days, COVID-19 has taken a toll on nearly all businesses. You’ve probably seen...

Effective crisis communication during outbreaks depends on authenticity, not hope

{% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True,...