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Storylines Live Episode 10: Exploring the Art of Connection and Workplace Empowerment with Eric Guy

In Episode 10 of Storylines Live, host Paul Furiga spoke with Eric Guy, a long-time friend and client of WordWrite, and a trailblazer in fostering employee engagement and retention within organizations. As Founder and Chief Victory Officer of the Center for Victory, Eric has devoted his career to breaking through generational divides, fostering profound professional connections and strengthening community ties with other meaningful organizations.  

Paul and Eric have worked together for years, and they reminisced about how their collaborative work in developing branding for the Center for Victory as a client of WordWrite’s led to the company’s powerful tagline, "Your Champion for Success." 

In this episode, they explored the relationship between one’s personal and professional life, with a particular emphasis on the ripple effect that a company’s culture has on its team members. Cultivating an empowering workplace involves acknowledging the whole individual — not just who they are as an employee. Eric shared his insights about how this approach leads to a stronger sense of purpose, community impact and a competitive advantage for organizations. 

Eric and Paul also discussed the importance of partnerships and taking relationship-based approaches in business endeavors, rather than viewing business from a purely transactional lens. Building connections is not merely a business strategy; it's at the core of driving purpose for individuals and shaping how they narrate their personal journeys and professional development. 

Throughout the episode, Eric shared meaningful anecdotes about his personal pursuit of happiness and the lessons he learned in challenging conventions and embracing supportive networks. His outlook on leveraging personal storytelling as a catalyst for emotional intelligence and healthy leadership in the workplace has remained at the forefront of his work with clients at the Center for Victory.  

Eric hosts his own podcast, Your Best Day Yet, which is designed to motivate audiences in their personal and professional development. 

Learn more about Eric’s background and business philosophies on the Center for Victory’s website, and don't forget to subscribe to Storylines Live wherever you get your podcasts and follow along for more episodes that explore business leaders’ most important assets: their Capital S Stories. 


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