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Storylines Live Episode 3: Achieving Law Business Growth with Steve Fretzin

In episode three of Storylines Live, Paul welcomes legal business development coach Steve Fretzin to discuss his personal and professional journey, and how he leverages the power of story and building connections to help lawyers grow their practices.  

Here are some key insights from the episode: 

Overcoming adversity and building the foundation for his career 

Steve recounts a life-changing plane crash that left him without the use of his arms and confined to a wheelchair. The harrowing experience taught him the importance of embracing life to the fullest and leaving a positive legacy. Steve's resilience and determination, qualities that were amplified even more following his accident, propelled him toward a career in the legal field, where he saw an opportunity to make a difference during the 2008 recession. 

By helping lawyers to live their best lives both financially and professionally, Steve has created a wide array of compelling content, including podcasts, books, articles and videos that support his core training programs for lawyers. Steve aims to foster a broader understanding and support system for leaders in the legal community as they seek to grow their practices. 

Developing meaningful content and connections 

In the episode, Steve highlights the need for lawyers to excel in both marketing and business development, emphasizing that both facets are essential for sustainable practice growth. From creating engaging content and leveraging social media to developing meaningful relationships that can turn into business referrals, Steve offers insightful tips for lawyers seeking to expand their client base and network. 

Steve also shares his personal journey, revealing how he primarily focused on business development early on, while simultaneously building an extensive online presence through captivating content. Although he’s not a marketing specialist, Steve has honed his skills in personal branding, using social media effectively and developing relationships to gain a competitive edge. 

Be That Lawyer Podcast 

One of the highlights of Steve's efforts is his highly successful podcast, which has been live for more than three and a half years. With over 320 episodes and nearly 100,000 downloads, The Be That Lawyer Podcast has become a powerful platform for connecting with listeners interested in business development for the law. 

In reflecting on the satisfaction he gets from his work, Steve recounts his experiences working with various lawyers to develop business after experiencing a slump in their client base. Offering a prescription for lawyers seeking to enhance their business development skills, Steve provides guidance on relationship-building and effective decision-making that works for lawyers because it’s delivered in a non-salesy, enjoyable manner that suits even introverted practitioners. 

If you're a lawyer looking to unleash your potential and make significant strides in your legal career, or a legal marketing professional or complex service provider interested in discovering new ways to engage audiences, this conversation is a must-listen.  

Tune in to Storylines Live Episode 3, "Steve Fretzin: Unleashing Your Potential," and unlock Steve’s secrets to thriving in the legal business world! 

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