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Storylines Live Episode 9: Growing and Marketing Your Law Firm with Ken Hardison

Our ninth episode of the Storylines Live podcast features host Paul Furiga’s insightful discussion with Ken Hardison, a seasoned legal marketer and founder of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association (PILMMA) 

Ken is often referred to as the “Millionaire Maker” because of his success in helping lawyers across the country grow their practices and income and make the law firm of their dreams a reality.  

The evolving legal landscape  

In discussing his background and day to day marketing challenges with clients, Ken reflects with Paul about the evolving landscape of the legal industry, specifically on increased competition among practices for recognition and brand growth.  

Although many lawyers like to stick to strategies they know have been successful in the past, Ken advises lawyers to not be overly reliant on traditional forms of advertising, but to explore strategic, innovative marketing practices based on their needs and the clients they are trying to reach. 

Learning through trial and error 

Ken is a firm believer in the power of learning from failure, and his personal career story is a clear example of how learning from his mistakes helped him pave the way for greater growth and success over the years, and guide others in their journey to legal success.  

After selling his multimillion-dollar law firms at the age of 52, Ken leveraged his accumulated knowledge and experiences to set up PILMMA to help other lawyers scale up their practice without repeating the mistakes he made. 

Building trust and rapport 

Throughout his conversation with Paul, Ken emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs of potential clients. He encourages lawyers to answer key questions for their clientele to build trust and rapport, including: Why is hiring an attorney necessary? What sets a specific lawyer apart from others? He believes answering these questions with prospective clients and communicating a unique selling proposition can be pivotal to clients’ success, and to the success of the working relationship.  

Marketing in personal injury law  

Ken’s legal marketing services are focused primarily on the personal injury sector. Personal injury is a large practice area, which means there are tons of PI firms out there spreading similar, competing messages.  

Ken champions education-based marketing instead of the 'speed and greed' method, underlining the importance of sharing personal stories and values to differentiate oneself in an overcrowded industry.  

Ken also shares his approach to digital marketing. He believes the rapid growth of the internet and AI marketing are game changers that have democratized the playing field for those who can't invest heavy budgets in traditional advertising. He has seen firsthand how developing quality content, harnessing AI to create compelling videos, and utilizing robust SEO strategies can result in greater visibility for firms.  

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